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Trinity Children’s Summer Series 2020

June 8: Super Kids of the Bible – David is Brave

What are we afraid of? What makes us brave? David was just a small boy when he faced off against Goliath. While an entire army was afraid of Goliath, David stood up to him with just a sling and a few stones. David’s faith made him brave.

June 15: Super Kids of the Bible – Miriam Praises God (humble)

What makes us joyful? Miriam used her tambourine to praise God even in the midst of some very hard times. This Monday we will be making joyful noises and learning about Miriam. We will have some special guest musicians from our Trinity praise band.

June 22: Super Kids of the Bible – Jesus in the Manger

Sometimes we can make all the difference in the lives of other people just by being born. Jesus was just a tiny baby, but before he was even born wise men sought him, people prayed about him, and prophesied about him. Today we will learn about Jesus birth and have some special Christmas in June festivities.

June 29: Super Kids of the Bible – Joseph Dreamed

Joseph had so many brothers and sisters! It is exciting to have a big family but we can sometimes have a hard time fitting into it. Today we will learn a little about Joseph, and his siblings and how God used them all. Even when life seems to be not going our way, God has a plan. Today is Tie Dye day. Please remember to bring a shirt (or socks or a towel) that we can tie dye to remember Joseph’s story.

July 6: Super Kids of the Bible – Jesus Calls the Little Children

In Matthew we see Jesus talking and teaching, and one of the things he shares with his disciples is that we all must be like children. What are the best parts of being a kid? Why do you think Jesus told his disciples to be like children? Today we are going to play, have fun and try and figure out what makes kids so special to God. Lisa Wallace will be today’s guest. She is going to help us make a tapestry of our visions of what the kingdom of heaven will be like.

July 13: Super Kids of the Bible – Samuel is Called

Before Samuel was even born his mother prayed for him. As he grew up called later called to Samuel and Samuel finally heard him because he was listening. How do we listen? How do we pray? Today, with the help of a special guests like Grace Fox, we will learn about different ways to pray and meditate, learning to be still and just listen.

July 20: Super Kids of the Bible – Daniel Does What Is Right

Daniel and his friends are taken away from their homeland and in their new home they face many challenges. Is it easy to do what is right? Do you think Daniel was scared? Today we will talk about what that must have been like for Daniel and how we can do the right thing even when we are afraid.

July 29: Super Kids of the Bible – God Made Me Special – Water Day!

As we celebrate the end of the summer we will talk about all the great Kid Super Heroes of the Bible that we have learned about and we will talk about how we can be like them. God made each child special, with different gifts and abilities. Though we might not face down a giant like Goliath we can all make a difference. Come prepared to spend the afternoon playing in the water!










June 7: Adventuring through the Beatitudes – Blessed are the persecuted

Today’s story is pulled from the book of Daniel. Daniel was persecuted for his faith, yet he remained faithful. We will have stories and activities from the book of Daniel and a trip to UNA to see the Lions for the older groups.

June 14: Adventuring through the Beatitudes – Blessed are the insulted and mistreated

Today we are going to talk about an ancient example of someone who was insulted and mistreated but didn’t let that keep him from forgiving them. Joseph quarreled with his brothers and was sold into slavery.

June 21: Adventuring through the Beatitudes – Salt and Light

What does it mean to be the salt of the earth? We will be exploring this passage in Matthew, stories surrounding this theme and talking about how using a little bit of salt helps to make ice cream. We will be walking to Trowbridges so please send $3 for ice cream.  

June 28: Adventuring through the Beatitudes – Light of the World

Today we will be making candles and discussing how we can be a light in the world. We will be reimagining and recording our version of This Little Light of Mine today so come with your singing voices!

July 5 – Out for Fourth of July Holidays

July 12: Adventuring through the Beatitudes – Turn the other cheek

Learning to not react when someone wrongs us is a lesson most adults can’t master but the story we are exploring today is about David, who even though he was pursued by Saul, spared Saul’s life. How can we turn the other cheek? How can we be calm even when we are angry?

July 19: Adventuring through the Beatitudes – Love your enemies

Jesus taught us to love our neighbors, our bullying neighbors, our obstinate neighbors, our neighbors how would be enemies. Today is all about love! In learning to love those that aren’t always the easiest to love we will practice some meditation exercises with Ms. Jane Stokes.

July 26: Adventuring through the Beatitudes – Rejoice and Be Exceedingly Glad

After all our adventures through the beatitudes Jesus tells us to rejoice and be glad! So what brings us joy? How can we be joyful and glad? Today we will go on a joy picture scavenger hunt down town and around Trinity so be sure to wear comfy shoes.  

August 2: Adventuring through the Beatitudes Be the best we can be (even when we mess up)

How can we be perfect? What does it mean to be perfect? There are many examples of biblical heroes who are seem perfect, but today we are going to talk about the Apostle Peter who was quite imperfect, but who tried even after he failed. Since Peter was a fisherman and then a “fisher of men” we will also have lots of water activities today to celebrate the end of the summer. Come prepared to get wet!

Summer Series will be here soon! If you would like to help with a meal this summer, during Summer Series, please contact me via email at childrens.ministry,

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Trinity Summer Series Registration 2020

Dates to remember this Winter!

Summer Series Registration – through May 1

Wednesday night programming – January 29 from 4:30-6:30pm (Meal team led by Rachel Mitchener)

Children’s Chapel – February 2 at 10:30am (Led by Rebecca Hovater)

Wednesday night programming – February 5 from 4:30-6:30pm (Meal team led by Sarah Gillis and Lezlie Melton)

Children’s Chapel – February 9 at 10:30am (Led by Rachel Mansell)
at 5:00pm (Led by Jessie Vandagriff)

Faith and Families – February 10 at 5:30pm We will be highlighting the Way of Love for families

Wednesday night programming – February 12 from 4:30-6:30pm (Meal team led by Ellen Cross and Caroline Tate)

Summer Series Volunteer days! – February 14 from 2:00-5:00pm in the library
February 15 from 9:00am-2:00pm

Valentines Sunday School and tea party – February 16 at 9:30am

Children’s Chapel – February 16 at 10:30am (Led by Andrea Huntley)

Wednesday night programming – February 19 from 4:30-6:30pm (Meal team led by Sarah Gaede)

Children’s Chapel – February 23 at 10:30am (Led by Jessie Vandagriff

Club 456 Trip to Skyzone – February 23 from 2:00-4:00pm

Ash Wednesday Family potluck Meal – February 26, 6:00pm

Ash Wednesday Service -February 26, 7:00pm

Out for Spring Break – March 25 No Wednesday night activities

All Youth Easter Party – April, 8 from 4:30-6:30pm



Dates to Remember for Summer 2019

First Summer Summer Service: May 31 at 9:30am

FIrst Summer Series Monday: June 8

First Summer Series Friday: June 12

Last Summer Series Monday: July 26

Last Summer Series Friday: July 31




Nursery Information

Our Nursery welcomes children ages 6 weeks to four years and is located in the Parish Hall. The nursery is open on Sundays at 8:45 am for Breakfast and then Sunday School and also for the 10:30 am and 5:00 pm services. Nursery is also available for special services throughout the year such as Christmas Eve, Second Wednesday All Parish Gatherings, and the Children’s Summer Series. Parents are welcome to pick up their children during the Peace and Announcements part of the service so that the family can experience the Eucharist together.

When dropping your child off please:

  • Sign your children in.
  • Let the teachers know of any special instructions or dietary needs.
  • Have items needed like diapers, formula, extra set of clothes, etc.
  • Have all diaper bags, bottles and sippy cups labeled.



All children in kindergarten through third grade are invited to join Ms. Jessie in the education building for our new program. We will meet each Wednesday from 5:00-6:30pm. Programming will run for about an hour with our Wednesday night meal to follow at 6:00pm.


Club 456

All children entering grades 4, 5 or 6 are invited to join us every week! Ms. Rebekah leads this group. Programming runs from 5-6pm with a meal to follow.


Children’s Sunday School

All children from 4yrs-5th grade are invited to Sunday school at 9:30am during our regularly scheduledSunday school dates. Each week we cover a different topic, build with legos, and do a fun craft or activity.


Children’s Chapel

Children’s Chapel meets each week at the 10:30am and 5:00pm service. Children’s chapel is centered on the gospel reading for each Sunday. Children are invited to play, enjoy a snack, participate in an active lesson, and complete a craft or activity each week. Chapel begins at the start of each service and will end and rejoin the adults for communion.


All Youth Events

Each month we invite children of all ages from 0-12th grade to our All Youth Event. We get together as a large group for a different activity each month such as Camp Clue, Giant Bingo, Scavenger Hunts and Pumpkin Painting. At the end of our activity we invite all the children to join in a service of compline led by one of the group followed by a meal.



Club 456

All children entering grades 4, 5 or 6 are invited to join us every week for this ministry! Tonight Ms. Rebekah will be helping us explore just what Lent is all about and we will be talking about what we might be giving up or taking on. Programming runs from 5-6pm with a meal to follow.




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