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Trinity Children’s Summer Series 2020

June 8: Super Kids of the Bible – David is Brave

What are we afraid of? What makes us brave? David was just a small boy when he faced off against Goliath. While an entire army was afraid of Goliath, David stood up to him with just a sling and a few stones. David’s faith made him brave.

June 15: Super Kids of the Bible – Miriam Praises God (humble)

What makes us joyful? Miriam used her tambourine to praise God even in the midst of some very hard times. This Monday we will be making joyful noises and learning about Miriam. We will have some special guest musicians from our Trinity praise band.

June 22: Super Kids of the Bible – Jesus in the Manger

Sometimes we can make all the difference in the lives of other people just by being born. Jesus was just a tiny baby, but before he was even born wise men sought him, people prayed about him, and prophesied about him. Today we will learn about Jesus birth and have some special Christmas in June festivities.

June 29: Super Kids of the Bible – Joseph Dreamed

Joseph had so many brothers and sisters! It is exciting to have a big family but we can sometimes have a hard time fitting into it. Today we will learn a little about Joseph, and his siblings and how God used them all. Even when life seems to be not going our way, God has a plan. Today is Tie Dye day. Please remember to bring a shirt (or socks or a towel) that we can tie dye to remember Joseph’s story.

July 6: Super Kids of the Bible – Jesus Calls the Little Children

In Matthew we see Jesus talking and teaching, and one of the things he shares with his disciples is that we all must be like children. What are the best parts of being a kid? Why do you think Jesus told his disciples to be like children? Today we are going to play, have fun and try and figure out what makes kids so special to God. Lisa Wallace will be today’s guest. She is going to help us make a tapestry of our visions of what the kingdom of heaven will be like.

July 13: Super Kids of the Bible – Samuel is Called

Before Samuel was even born his mother prayed for him. As he grew up called later called to Samuel and Samuel finally heard him because he was listening. How do we listen? How do we pray? Today, with the help of a special guests like Grace Fox, we will learn about different ways to pray and meditate, learning to be still and just listen.

July 20: Super Kids of the Bible – Daniel Does What Is Right

Daniel and his friends are taken away from their homeland and in their new home they face many challenges. Is it easy to do what is right? Do you think Daniel was scared? Today we will talk about what that must have been like for Daniel and how we can do the right thing even when we are afraid.

July 29: Super Kids of the Bible – God Made Me Special – Water Day!

As we celebrate the end of the summer we will talk about all the great Kid Super Heroes of the Bible that we have learned about and we will talk about how we can be like them. God made each child special, with different gifts and abilities. Though we might not face down a giant like Goliath we can all make a difference. Come prepared to spend the afternoon playing in the water


Summer Series Fridays

Friday, June 12 – Jonathan was a good friend

What does it mean to be a good friend? Jonathan and David were friends. They grew up together and watched out for each other. When David was in danger, Jonathan protected him. How can we be a good friend like Jonathan?

Friday, June 19 – Moses is saved by Miriam

Today we will continue our discussion about Miriam and Moses. When Moses was just a baby he was in great danger, but his mother and Miriam helped to make sure he was safe and cared for. Today we will learn about the brave thing that Miriam did and how God watched over Moses and his family.

Friday, June 26 – Jesus Questioned

Did you know that Jesus was once a kid just like you? He was! And he had questions! Today we will learn a little about the childhood of Jesus, what it might have been like to be a kids back then and what happened when Mary and Joseph couldn’t find Jesus. This is also our tie dye day so bring something fun to dye (shirt, socks or a towel)!


Friday, July 10 – The boy with bread and fish

What does it mean to have faith? While there are many great kids who contributed to some great events in the Bible, some of them, like the boy with bread and fish remain nameless. Today we will explore what it might have been like to be that small boy with a little food to share and a little faith. We will talk about how we can share what we have with those who need it.

Friday, July 17 – Josiah

Josiah is often called the boy-king. He became a king when he was just eight years old and during his reign he would discover something very important that would help him and his people follow god. Today we are going to go on a treasure hunt, much like Josiah and see what important things we can discover.

Friday, July 24 – The maid is kind to Naaman

The maid is another important character without a name. Much like Daniel she was taken from her home in Israel at a young age but she did not forget about God. When her master, an important man named Namaan, is sick she remembers her home and what God can do and she gathers up her courage to help Namaan. Today we will talk about how we can be kind, even in the worst of circumstances.

Friday, July 31 – Summary and Water Day!

On our last day of programming for the summer we invite children to come and remember all the wonderful kids we have learned about this summer. After snack we will have water day, with a slip and slide, water balloons and a whole lot of other fun planned. Be sure to dress in clothes that can get wet!

Our Lenten Resources:

As we venture into Lent this week I wanted to let you all know about what resources will be available in the library. We have songs, printed calendars and An Illustrated Lent for Families guide.
We are thrilled to provide families with a resource for engaging their children in faith formation at home during Lent. Our Illustrated Lent for Families and Illustrated Advent for Families have been used by thousands of families around the world, and we’re excited to share another edition with you. The theme for this edition of An Illustrated Lent for Families is Reflections on Giving. As we journey through this season of Lent together, families are invited to focus intentionally on the spiritual discipline of giving. By exploring Gospel passages about giving, families will reflect on why we give, what we give, and the power of our gifts. Each week explores a different form of giving and the impact our gifts have on those around us. Starting with Ash Wednesday and going through Easter, each weekly session will have a scripture, reflection, discussion questions, activity, coloring sheets, and prayer. Our Lent devotionals are written to be used by children and adults of all ages. We believe you’ll find questions and discussion topics in each devotional that will work for your children, no matter the age. At the same time, feel free to tweak content and questions to work for your family. You don’t need to do all the activities for it to be a meaningful experience. Take a look at the devotionals, see what you think will work best for your family’s schedule, and find time each week to gather together. We will have picture books for Lent, resources on St. Patrick’s Day, and many other things available so stop by and check it out soon!
Trinity Summer Series Registration 2020

Dates to remember this Spring!

Summer Series Registration – through May 1 (Monday is a waiting list, Friday is open)
Summer Series Volunteer days! – March 6, 2:00-5:00pm
                                                         March 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29
Out for Spring Break – March 25 No Wednesday night activities
All Youth Easter Party – April, 8 from 4:30-6:30pm
Annual Easter Egg Hunt (Easter Sunday) – April 12 at 9:30am
End of the Year Skate Center Party – May 6, 4:30-6:30pm at the Florence Skate Center
First Monday of Summer Series – June 8
Happy Hour for Special Session at Camp McDowell – June 10
First Friday of Summer Series – June 12
Last Monday of Summer Series – July 27
Last Friday of Summer Series – July 31


Out for Spring Break – March 25 No Wednesday night activities

All Youth Easter Party – April, 8 from 4:30-6:30pm



Nursery Information

Our Nursery welcomes children ages 6 weeks to four years and is located in the Parish Hall. The nursery is open on Sundays at 8:45 am for Breakfast and then Sunday School and also for the 10:30 am and 5:00 pm services. Nursery is also available for special services throughout the year such as Christmas Eve, Second Wednesday All Parish Gatherings, and the Children’s Summer Series. Parents are welcome to pick up their children during the Peace and Announcements part of the service so that the family can experience the Eucharist together.

When dropping your child off please:

  • Sign your children in.
  • Let the teachers know of any special instructions or dietary needs.
  • Have items needed like diapers, formula, extra set of clothes, etc.
  • Have all diaper bags, bottles and sippy cups labeled.



All children in kindergarten through third grade are invited to join Ms. Jessie in the education building for our new program. We will meet each Wednesday from 5:00-6:30pm. Programming will run for about an hour with our Wednesday night meal to follow at 6:00pm.


Club 456

All children entering grades 4, 5 or 6 are invited to join us every week! Ms. Rebekah leads this group. Programming runs from 5-6pm with a meal to follow.


Children’s Sunday School

All children from 4yrs-5th grade are invited to Sunday school at 9:30am during our regularly scheduledSunday school dates. Each week we cover a different topic, build with legos, and do a fun craft or activity.


Children’s Chapel

Children’s Chapel meets each week at the 10:30am and 5:00pm service. Children’s chapel is centered on the gospel reading for each Sunday. Children are invited to play, enjoy a snack, participate in an active lesson, and complete a craft or activity each week. Chapel begins at the start of each service and will end and rejoin the adults for communion.


All Youth Events

Each month we invite children of all ages from 0-12th grade to our All Youth Event. We get together as a large group for a different activity each month such as Camp Clue, Giant Bingo, Scavenger Hunts and Pumpkin Painting. At the end of our activity we invite all the children to join in a service of compline led by one of the group followed by a meal.



Club 456

All children entering grades 4, 5 or 6 are invited to join us every week for this ministry! Tonight Ms. Rebekah will be helping us explore just what Lent is all about and we will be talking about what we might be giving up or taking on. Programming runs from 5-6pm with a meal to follow.



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