Trinity Episcopal Church Children's Ministry


2018 Children’s Ministry Annual Review

As I began to reflect on 2018, I could not help but think of how much our Children’s Ministry has done. We have a very successful Club 456, K-3 and Trinity Tots weekly ministry which covers all our children from 2yrs-6th grade, a wonderful summer program, a dynamic children’s chapel group and some great activities throughout the year for children of all ages. We have had a lot of success, and a few learning experiences but more growth over my time here at Trinity so far than I would have ever dreamed of. I’ve seen kids go from kindergarten to EYC. That is the key to sustainable ministry. Having a wonderful group of Wednesday night and summer support staff is important. Writing or selecting interesting, applicable and relevant programming is important. What I have learned from my six years in children’s ministry here is that the most important thing is having a welcoming space where children can come and learn about the love of God and how we can love each other in a consistent fashion that doesn’t end when they finish being part of Children’s ministry and move up to EYC. Having two programs that can work together for the benefit of the entire formation of a child from birth until college, and beyond is so very important.

Children’s Summer Series had the largest registration group and the most consistent attendance in 2018 we have ever had. We also had the biggest staff and the largest group of volunteers. We registered 90 children this year for Children’s Summer Series and hired 7 paid Adult staff and 3 high schoolers, in addition to Ms. Jessie and with help from our Youth Director, Simon Richardson who had to lead a class this year. We also had 10 youth volunteers and two adult volunteers in addition to our regular meal team of Bruce Cherry, Sue Irons, Carol Odenwalder and bitsy Kingsley. Each week we had groups consistently between 60-75 children with our biggest groups being PreK and Club 456 groups. When this program began there were weeks when we only had 20 kids total. This growth in five short summers has been a blessing to our Parish, our community, and to me personally as I’ve been able to see kids grow in kindness and love for each other, God and the community that we have made possible here at Trinity. The goal for our summer ministries was always to offer a needed service to the community and Parish as well as bringing attention to all the great things we offer at Trinity throughout the year and this summer truly did both of those things. We have made connections in the summer with families that last throughout the year.

To understand what Summer Series is and how it can have an impact on our parish and within our community take a minute to consider the this. All together Summer Series is 54 hours of programming plus 18 hours for after care. Trinity Summer staff and volunteers spend a month before our program starts getting classrooms ready and getting activities ready not counting the time we spend preparing activities in the summer. Every morning at the staff meeting on Monday 10, sometimes 12 people are cutting out lambs or helping set up craft stations. Each of the children belonged to a family that could learn about what their child was doing every Monday, not only from the child but from the lesson that was sent home and the email updates that we send out each week. We know that many families enjoyed learning about what their kids were doing here at Trinity from our survey that we asked families to fill out. Summer Series is more time than any child could spend in Sunday school in a year, children’s chapel or during a regular 3-4 day a week VBS. It is almost the same amount of time that they spend at Wednesday night programming throughout an entire fall and spring which means we have such a great opportunity to make an impression on so many children, families and volunteers and I hope that is what we have done. Our summer ministries are the biggest undertakings for us. Every Monday, from 8:00am-2:00pm we take in the children of the parish and from the community. We play games, we sing songs, we laugh and learn a little about the kingdom of God and how to spread the love of Jesus to our fellow creatures. With the help of Mr. Bruce and a wonderful kitchen staff we feed them lunch during the Summer Series. I cannot adequately express what a blessing this ministry has been in the community for parents and what a blessing it has been for all of us who get to spend these hours with the funniest, sweetest bunch of little ones you will ever meet. Now we are getting to see some of those kids grow into our future youth volunteers.

Our Sunday school program continues to be offered each Sunday during the school year. We continued with the All Youth Events on the second Wednesday of some months during the Spring and Fall but added a Friendsgiving in November, continued with a Christmas Party in December and held our second annual skate party in May at the Florence Skate center to finish out the school year. Simon and I have had a blast planning the programming and looking ahead to the future of this wonderful program. We continued some programs like fundraising with our second White Elephant sale which raised over $1600. Our Parish retreat also included some fun children’s activities and a few of our families got to spend the weekend in fellowship together.

We finished out the year with the Club 456 lock-in. This was our biggest lock-in thus far. Because of the success of this event for the Club 456 age group we have added a lock-in for K-3 in January which was also very successful. Our Club 456 lock-in continued to offer some of the same fun activities such as Gingerbread houses, Sardines and Compline while incorporating some new things. Our K-3 lock-in was Incredibles themed.

There is a lot of planning that goes into all of the things that we do here at Trinity and for Children’s Ministry, and it has been absolutely invaluable to have a Youth Minister who is always ready to be a sounding board for new ideas for both Children and Youth. If I have a new idea or an old problem, Simon is always there to bounce solutions off of and expand on new ideas. He truly cares about our kids here at Trinity and we wouldn’t have been able to successfully do so many things this year without that support. Another invaluable source of counsel and support has been Mark Grisham and through him, our Vestry. I was once asked what I focused on in Children’s ministry and in closing I would like to share my answer with all of you. Children’s ministry is about teaching those closest to God how to be his kingdom here on earth, how to love one another, how Jesus loved us, and all the wonderful examples we can find among the faithful of these two things. It is important to know who Moses was and why Noah built an ark, but it is just as important to know how to practice the two commandments of Jesus to love God and love one another. It is my fervent prayer that in 2019 we can continue to spread a love for the church and an enduring sense of community in our children that will last into adulthood.


We want to thank all of the parents who signed up for a meal this Spring. Thanks to you all of our meals are covered. If you would like to help with a meal this summer, during Summer Series, please contact me via email at childrens.ministry,

Trinity Summer Series Registration

February 3

Fourth Sunday after Epiphany

10:30am—Children’s Chapel—Tanya Hayes


February 6

4:30-6:30pm—Trinity Tots, K-3, and Club 456


February 8-10 Diocesan Convention At Camp McDowell


February 10

Fifth Sunday after Epiphany

10:30am—Children’s Chapel— James Mitchell


February 13

4:30-6:30pm—Trinity Tots, K-3, and Club 456


Club 456 Movie Night

Friday, February 15


Movie to be announced

We will meet for dinner, some games and a movie.


February 17

Sixth Sunday After Epiphany

10:30am—Children’s Chapel—

Simon Vandagriff


February 20

4:30-6:30pm—Trinity Tots, K-3, and Club 456


February 23

K-3 trip: Lego Movie 2

K-3 kids and parents are invited to see the Lego Movie 2 with us on February 23. Showtimes TBA.


February 24

Seventh Sunday after Epiphany

10:30am—Children’s Chapel—

Rachel Mansell


February 27

4:30-6:30pm—Trinity Tots, K-3, and Club 456




Dates to Remember for Spring 2019

January 9 – Children’s Ministry Returns for All Youth

February 1 – Summer Series Registration Begins

March 6 – Family Ash Wednesday Potluck

March 21-25 – Out for Spring Break

April 21 – Easter Egg Hunt

May 8 – Children’s Ministry End of the Year Skate Party



Nursery Information

Our Nursery welcomes children ages 6 weeks to four years and is located in the Parish Hall. The nursery is open on Sundays at 8:45 am for Breakfast and then Sunday School and also for the 10:30 am and 5:00 pm services. Nursery is also available for special services throughout the year such as Christmas Eve, Second Wednesday All Parish Gatherings, and the Children’s Summer Series. Parents are welcome to pick up their children during the Peace and Announcements part of the service so that the family can experience the Eucharist together.

When dropping your child off please:

  • Sign your children in.
  • Let the teachers know of any special instructions or dietary needs.
  • Have items needed like diapers, formula, extra set of clothes, etc.
  • Have all diaper bags, bottles and sippy cups labeled.



All children in kindergarten through third grade are invited to join Ms. Jessie in the education building for our new program. We will meet each Wednesday from 5:00-6:30pm. Programming will run for about an hour with our Wednesday night meal to follow at 6:00pm.


Club 456

All children entering grades 4, 5 or 6 are invited to join us every week! Ms. Rebekah leads this group. Programming runs from 5-6pm with a meal to follow.


Children’s Sunday School

All children from 4yrs-5th grade are invited to Sunday school at 9:30am during our regularly scheduledSunday school dates. Each week we cover a different topic, build with legos, and do a fun craft or activity.


Children’s Chapel

Children’s Chapel meets each week at the 10:30am and 5:00pm service. Children’s chapel is centered on the gospel reading for each Sunday. Children are invited to play, enjoy a snack, participate in an active lesson, and complete a craft or activity each week. Chapel begins at the start of each service and will end and rejoin the adults for communion.


All Youth Events

Each month we invite children of all ages from 0-12th grade to our All Youth Event. We get together as a large group for a different activity each month such as Camp Clue, Giant Bingo, Scavenger Hunts and Pumpkin Painting. At the end of our activity we invite all the children to join in a service of compline led by one of the group followed by a meal.



Club 456

All children entering grades 4, 5 or 6 are invited to join us every week for this ministry! Tonight Ms. Rebekah will be helping us explore just what Lent is all about and we will be talking about what we might be giving up or taking on. Programming runs from 5-6pm with a meal to follow.




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